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Strategic prayer for a Disciple Making Movement

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Our Vision

Spain receives daily Muslim refugees in search of a better life and we want that better life to be Christ, our desire is to raise a continuous 24/7 prayer for them. (We need 672 people to sign up for weekly slots of 15 minutes (or more!) to achieve this).

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Extraordinary Prayer

Every disciple making movement in history has happened in the context of extraordinary prayer.

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Movement Focused

Join us in asking, seeking, and knocking for streams of disciples and churches to be made.

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24/7 Every Day

Choose a 15-minute (or more!) time slot that you can pray during each day. Invite someone else to sign up too.

The Pray For Them network (praying for Muslim refugees in Spain) promotes strategic prayer to see a Church multiplication movement. We need your support to together present ourselves to God in agreement for these people, who are not only displaced but are also muslim; that is, they do not know Jesus. Join us for at least 15 minutes of your time and invite your friends to join.

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